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We are passionate about beer – so our vision is to have a unique store carrying beer, beer accessories, vintage beer and bar items and a large variety of books about beer to expand what we know about the product we love so much.

We also carry delicious artisan foods for you to pair with your beer.

We are looking to become part of the beer community in Ferndale and beyond. For now, take us for what we are at this moment - a hub for beer lovers, aficionados, and newbie’s to come and share their beer stories, talk about what beers they are currently drinking and help us find new beers to share.

Cheers, Tim and Brigid

New Delirium, Unibroue, Founder’s and more….

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New Beers in the store on this day:
Delirium Red (cherry sour dessert beer from Delirium…)
Unibroue Cranberry Ephemere (cranberry juice, coriander, orange peel and other flavors….)


Back in stock on this day:
Founder’s Dark Penance Imperial Black IPA (Limit 1 4pk/person please. We are asking that you also purchase another product, 6pk, 4pk or 22ozer of anything in the store. If you would just like the Dark Penance, the limit is 2 bottles. If there is some left on Thursday, no limits.)
Founder’s All Day 15pk Cans
Dark Horse 4 Elf Winter Warmer
J.W. Lee’s Harvest Ale Port Barrel Aged 2013
Bell’s Cherry Stout
The Bruery’s Rueze-Gueze


3rd Anniversary October 3rd w/Oddside Ales, Stockyard Food Truck and Pete’s Chocolates. 6-8pm and so very free. Parking might be an issue—you can park across the street or in the doctor’s office next to us.

Throwback Wednesday. Our 1st Anniversary w/Greenbush Brewing Company. They were so great to us. They brought hand-bottled beers to sell and some great kegs! To this day, they are one of our favorite breweries….#greenbushbrewing

Later Gator.
Tim and Brigid

Green Flash Tasting To-Nite, 6-8pm and Free….

Green Flash Beer Tastin’ Tonite. 6-8 and so very free. (See, I didn’t do the ‘flash’ no ‘green’ joke again. Twice in one week is more than enough…..).

Yeppers, that will be me on WJR tonight at 7pm, Opportunity Detroit show w/Paul Dubya Smith. Tune in if you can, or podcast it if you can’t.

Yes Virginia, our 3rd anniversary is next Friday (Oct 3rd) and we are having a party. Oddside Ale’s will be with us. Pete’s Chocolates will stop by. Stockyard Food Truck said there coming. General merriment will ensue. Hope you can make it. 6-8pm and for 3 years running, free.

So we have that goin’ for us….
Tim and Brigid

New Sours, New Short’s, Plenty of Back in Stocks…..

Sunny Day, sweeping the clouds away.

This is going to be a list–watch carefully:

New Beers in da store:
Short’s White Falcon
De Oude Cam Borpstraat 67 (3yr old lambic)
Brj. Strubbe Lambickx Kriek 2013 (oak and chestnut barrel), 2014 De Troch AND 2014 Private Domain.
Brj. De Troch Lambrucha (lamic flavored w/Kombucha)

On may way to where the air. Is. Sweet.

Back in Stockings:
Brunehart Amber and Blonde
Southern Tier’s Warlock
High Sea’s Black Cannon
Anderson Valley’s The Holy Gose
Hofbrau’s Oktorberfest
Green Flash’s West Coast IPA, Road Warrior, Double Stout and Le Freak
Clown Shoe’s Undead Party Crashers
Knee Deep’s Citra Extra Pale
Fuller’s Vintage Ale
Fuller’s Honey Dew–(marked down to $1.99–what?!)

Can you tell me how to get…

Green Flash Tasting this Friday night. 6-8pm and no need to flash your green for the tastin’.
Next week, Oddside Ales will be here and we will be pourin’ beers not available in bottles, Food Trucks, Pete’s Chocolate’s and general merriment.

How to get to Sesame Street.
Tim and Brigid

Bitter Ol’ Fecker, New Holland’s Carhartt Woodsman and So Much More…..

Wow. Gonna be a good beer week along w/a good fall weather week. Gotta take advantage of it while we can.

New Beers in the store:
Bitter Ol’ Fecker’s Darlin (barrel-aged dry hopped ale brewed w/charred lemons & lavender!!!?!)
New Holland’s The Carhartt Woodsman Barrel-Aged Pale

Green Flash Tastin’ this Friday 6-8pm. Yep. Free.

Back in Stocks:
Founder’s Breakfast Stout (!)
Bell’s Double Cream Stout
The Bruery’s Autumn Maple, Tart of Darkness and Smoking Wood (Smoked Imperial Rye Porter aged in Bourbon Barrels–limit 1 per/plz)
Meantime’s IPA
Dansk Viking Blod Mead

Next Friday, October 3rd–Our 3rd Year Anniversary Party. Oddside Ale’s, A Food Truck, some music and general merriment. Please come ‘on out. 6-8pm and as always, free.

Time for a sandwich.
Tim and Brigid.

Mill St. Brewing Company Tasting ToNite 6-8pm and Loonie Free….

Mill St. Brewing from Toronto in de houze tonight eh.
Ya, 6-8pm and it costs no Loonies.

Line-up includes:
Organic Lager
Cornerstone Draught Stout
Lemon Tea Beer
Mystery Beer Not Available For Sale Yet But You Can Taste It Before Anyone Else On Your Block So You Can Be Cool For Once (But Not To Us, You Are Always Cool).

Thanks, eh.
Max Power and Chesty LaRue

SOOOOO Many New Beers to List……

Oh My—

This list is gonna be long……

New Beers in da storeness:
Against The Grain’s There Gose The Neighborhood (limit 1 per/person and we asking that you purchase something else–a 6pk/4pk or bomber please)
Anderson Valley The Holy Gose AND Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin
Lagunitas Sucks Quarts (limit 1 per/please)
Evil Twin’s Ron and The Beast Ryan Saison, Femme Fatale Brett IPA w/Kabousu AND Femme Fatale Brett IPA w/Sudachi
Short’s Wowee Zowee

Back in Stocks:
Northcoast Scrimshaw
Lagunitas IPA
Rouge Voodoo Doughnut
Blackthorn Cider
FRESH Greenbush–Unicorn Killer, Demeter and Closure
Tandem Cider’s Green Man, Bee’s Dream, Cherry Oh and Our Perry

Mill St. here Friday–6-8pm and free.

I need a sandwich and a nap.
Tim and Brigid

need to laugh and when the sun is out….

New Beers in the store:
Founder’s Mosaic Promise (single hop, single malt)
Stone’s Xocoveza Mocha Stout (limit 1 per/person plz….)
Piraat Triple Hop
Wolverine’s Massacre Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Lager

I’ve got something to laugh about.

Back in stocksssss:
Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale(!!!)
Hitachino Ginger
Arbor Brewing Company’s Violin Monster
Motor City Brewing Work’s Pumpkin
Sprecher Hard Root Beer

I feel good in a special way….

Mill St. Tasting this Friday Night. Yes, Virginia, they are from Canada. We will taste from 6-8pm and it will cost you no Loonies.

I’m in love and it’s a sunny day.

Next week? Green Flash. After that–3rd Anniversary Party w/Oddsides Ales. Gonna be fun times.

Good Day Sunshine.

Tim and Brigid

New Blake’s, Goose Island. DFH Pumpkin, Right Brain, Greenbush back in stock!

If the illusion is real, let them give you a ride.

New Beers/Ciders:
Blake’s Autumn Apple AND El Chavo (Habanero & Mango!!?!)
Goose Island’s The Muddy (Imperial Stout w/Licorice)

If they have thunder appeal, let them be at your side.

Back in stock:
DFH Pumpkin’
Greenbush Dunegras IPA
Abita Pecan
Victory Dirtwolf DIPA
Atwater Cherry Stout
Augustiner Maximator
Zywiec Porter
Right Brain’s Blue Magic (w/Lavender)

Let them leave you up in the air. Let them brush your rock and roll hair.

Rochester Mills Tasting Friday 6-8pm and free. Next week, Mill St. from Toronto. After that, Green Flash. After that, 3rd Anniversary party w/Oddside’s and others–

Let the good times roll.
Tim and Brigid


New Stone, Erie Brewing, Rebel Jack, Shipyard, Motor City Brewing Works and more…

Auntie Em, Auntie Em!

New Beers/Ciders here on Gilligan’s Island (in honor of the upending storm….):
Stone’s Coffee Milk Stout
Erie Brewing Company’s Johnny Rails Pumpkin
Rebel Jack’s Small Batch Hard Cider
Shipyard’s PumpkinHead Cans
Motor City Brewing Work’s Pumpkin Ale

Back in the dingy:
Dark Horse’s Scotty Karate
Bell’s Expedition Stout!!!
Founder’s Old Curmudgeon (not a fresh batch, just a ‘found’ batch)
Southampton’s Pumpkin
The Brewery’s Oude Tart!!!

Rochester Mills Tasting Friday Night. 6-8pm and no cost-o.

I have a small number of Sierra Nevada’s Terra Incognita available. We will ask that you purchase another 6pk, 4pk or bomber along with this bottle.

Stay dry my friends.
The Professor and Mary Ann

New Rochester MIll’s, Red Hook, Widmer’s, Great Lakes In Store Now

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Are you ready for some football?

Big games going on this weekend. Gonna need beers…

New Beers in the store:
Rochester Mill’s Octoberfest
Red Hook’s KCCO Black Lager
Widmer’s Omission Pale Ale (gluten free)

Back in stock:
Great Lakes Nosferatu Imperial Red

‘Cause of the holiday, we are getting ALOT of beer on Friday. I’d stay tuned.

Curious Traveler Tasting Friday. 6-8pm and no cost to youz or yourz.

Nice to see a ‘new’ group of followers have joined us since yesterday. Let me know if you have any questions.

Class dismissed.
Tim and Brigid