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We are passionate about beer – so our vision is to have a unique store carrying beer, beer accessories, vintage beer and bar items and a large variety of books about beer to expand what we know about the product we love so much.

We also carry delicious artisan foods for you to pair with your beer.

We are looking to become part of the beer community in Ferndale and beyond. For now, take us for what we are at this moment - a hub for beer lovers, aficionados, and newbie’s to come and share their beer stories, talk about what beers they are currently drinking and help us find new beers to share.

Cheers, Tim and Brigid

Happy Thursday—-Way To Many Beers to Headline. Epic Tasting Fri 6-8pm

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Ok–here it is:

Short’s Carob Stout
DFH Raison D’Extra (Limit 1/per plz)
Avery’s Dugana IPA
So. Tier’s Goat Boy Weizenbock
Alaskan Big Mountain Pale Ale
Cheboygan’s Blood Orange Honey
Omnipollo’s Fatamorgana, Leon AND Zodiak
Evil Twin’s From Amager With Love (Imp Stout w/Blueberries), Femme Fatale Brett
Hof Ten Dormaal Saison
Stillwater’s Nightvision
Superior Lakes’ Witch Hunter Mead

So. Tier’s Crème Brulee
Clown Shoes’s Undead Party Crashers
North Peak’s Burly Belgo IPA
Griffin Claw’s El Rojo
Avery’s Collaboration Not Litigation
Greenbush’s Dunegras AND Distorter
Oddside’s Ain’t No Sunshine Saison

Epic Tasting w/Epic Brewing Tomorrow. Gonna be epic. I can tell…..!

Time for a sandwich.
Tim and Brigid

New Fresh Stone Enjoy By 2.14.15, Green Tea IPA, Old Speckled Hen and More….

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Hump Day.

New Beers in the Store–
Baird/Stone/Ishii Japanese Green Tea IPA
Brewery Vivant’s Ski Patrol

Hump Day on a short week.

Back in stocks–
Stone’s Enjoy By 2.14.15
Old Speckled Hen
Hen’s Tooth Ale
Bavik Premium Pilsner
Bell’s Smitten Rye
Hitachino XH

Still technically Hump Day.

Epic Brewing Tasting Friday Night. 6-8pm as always. Yes Virginia, it’s still free. Next week, Une Anne will be here. They are new to us and should be new to you as well.

I work Tues-Sat., so really for me Thursday is Hump Day. Most likely for you today is Hump Day.

I wish we can all have the same Hump Day.
Tim and Brigid

New/Fresh Stone coming Wednesday….Epic Tasting Friday Night

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Eh-O. Tuesday and the work week is already shorter (’cause of yesterday being over and today is like, over half over).

Back in socks:
Leelanau Brewing’s Petoskey Pale Ale AND Good Harbor Goldben Ale
Stillwater’s Why Can’t IBU?
Evil Twin’s Molotov Single Simcoe Hop Edition AND Molotov Lite

And, we are almost thru January. So we have that goin’ for us…..

Epic Brewing Tasting this Friday. 6-8pmish.

Wow–we were named Official Unofficial Beer Store of the Detroit Auto Show for the 3rd year in a row. Did not see that comin’.
#Detroitautoshow #beer #makingcrazystuffup #tuesdaybeer #hashtag

New/Fresh Stone coming Wednesday.

Look. At. You.
Tim and Brigid See More

We Are Back On-Line! Saugatuck Brewing Tasting Tonight 6-8pm

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Happy Friday Of The First Long Weekend Of 2015!
Sorry the website has been down.  Laptop crashed and took with it all the passwords.  Again, we apologize…
We will have the inventory updated very quickly!

Back in Stoches:
Saugatuck Neapolitan Stout
Right Brain CEO Stout Series–Smoked CEO, CEO Imperial and Overnight CEO (sour mash). Limit 1 bottle please.

Saugatuck Tasting Tonight from 6-8pm and the cost is the minimalist…..
Next week, Epic Brewing will be with us (and hopefully you).

Back at the Titan Club Saturday.

Plato Van is back from the shop but missing some logo. We’ll fix it!

We will be open Monday, usual time (11am-8pm).

There’s a fly in my soup.
Tim and Brigid

Brewery Vivant’s Wizard Burial Ground BBA Quad, Beer/Truffle Pairing w/Pete’s Chocolate this Friday

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Happy 2 weeks before Christmas Eve.

New Beer in stock:
Brewery Vivant’s Wizard Burial Ground Bourbon Barrel Aged Quadrupel.

Pete’s Chocolate Co. /Beer Parin’ this Friday. See Nikole the Beer Vinch pair beers (that Ian picked out–he always does a great job on these!) with Pete’s truffles and yep, you get to taste them both. I know.

Ho Ho Ho.
Tim and Brigid

New Oddside’s, Short’s Variety Packs, Rogue, Clown Shoes, Sierra Nevada and more…

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Might be a ‘multiple posting’ Thursday……..

New Beers in da starh….
Oddside’s Merry Elf
Short’s Variety Pack (Stellar Ale, Happy Jack, Black Chai and Dr. Zeus)
Rogue’s Citrus Cucumber Soda (that’s soda…)
Oddside’s Hipster Brunch (Limit 2 per/person plz)
Clown Shoes Reindeer Games
Sierra Nevada Neomexicanus Single Hop IPA

Back in da starh:
Southern Tier’s Choklat and Old Man Winter
Journeyman Distillery Old Country Goodness Cider!?!

Right Brain Brewery here Friday Night (owner pourin’ like he doesn’t own the place). 6-8pm and so very, very , very free-ness.

Maybe more to follow?
Tim and Brigid

New Stone, Founder’s Sprecher’s and Superior Lake’s in stock and more…..

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Doin’ that thing that we do…..

New Beers in the store to-dah:
Founder’s Big Lushious Stout Brewed w/Chocolate and Raspberries
Stone’s Enjoy By 12.26.14 IPA
Stone Stochasticity Project’s Master of Disguise Imperial Golden Stout
Sprecher’s Hard Ginger Beer
Superior Lakes’ Zerker Mead (lightly carbonated w/spices, cocoa and hops)
Harpoon’s Gingerland

Back in stock:
Founder’s Backwoods Bastard
Dark Horse’s Thirsty Trout Porter and Tres Blueberry Oatmeal Stout
Harpoon’s Milk Chocolate
Motor City Brewing Work’s Tool Box 12pk

Right Brain Friday Night. 6-8pm and no dollars from you are required. Yes Virginia, Russ is going to bring stuff from the brewery that will be way cool. Next week, Pete’s Chocolates and Beer Pairing (beer and truffles. Oh my).

Time for a sandwich….
Tim and Brigid

Closed Thanksgiving, Open Friday as usual (11am…)

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Hey there guys and gals—toooo busy to post today. Sorry ’bout that.

We will be closed on Thanksgiving so that we can spend time with our families. Hope You have a glorious holiday.

We will be open Friday at our usual time (11am) and there will be a lot of good beers coming down the pike. I would so watch FB/Twitter etc…..

Atwater Brewery will be here Friday night for our Tastin’. 6-8pm and phree. Next week, Right Brain Brewery stops by and they will be bringin’ stuff.

Still time to stop by. Happy Thanksgiving.
Tim and Brigid and Ian and Nikole and Racheal and Cam.

Griffin Claw, Southern Tier, Coronado Brewing, Short’s, DFH and more…

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So time for a sandwich…..

New Beers in stock-ola:
Griffin Claw’s BBA Imperial Stout (Limit 1/per plz)
Southern Tier’s Imperial Rum Barrel Pumking
Coronado Brewing Company’s Stupid Stout AND Anniversary Stout

Back-ola in Stockings:
Short’s The Curl Imperial Pilsner
DFH Piercing Pils
Rogue’s Yellow Snow IPA
Clown Shoes’ Space Cake DIPA
North Peak’s Blitzen Festivus Ale AND Dubious Chocolate Stout

Bell’s Brewery, Inc. (Official) and Mindo Chocolate TOMORROW. 6-8pm and yes Virginia, it is free. (great question Virginia—and we haven’t heard from you in awhile…..)

Next week? Atwater Brewery stops by.

Tramps like us. Baby. We were born to run….
Tim and Bostonian Brigid (til Sunday…)

The Bruery, Jolly Pumpkin, Silly New Stuff, Tart Side of the Moon Back in Stock..

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It’s just a little snow. It happens ’bout this time every year. It’s going to be in the 40′s by the weekend.
We got this.

New beers in the store:
The Bruery’s Seven Swan A Swimming Quadrupel
Jolly Pumpkin’s Persimmon Ship (co-lab w/Upland….)
Silly Scotch Cognac Barrel Aged

Back in Stocks:
Brewery Vivant’s Tart Side of the Moon
Stone’s Smoked Porter w/Chocolate and Orange Peel
Arcadia’s Cereal Killer, Nut Brown and Coco Loco Chocolate Stout
Sinebrychoff’s Porter

Bell’s Brewery, Inc. (Official) tasting with Mindo Chocolates (put your habds in da air….) Friday night 6-8pm and oh so free. Next week Atwater Brewery will be stopping by.

Hey, if you get Draft Magazine, you should notice that we carry some of the gifts that they suggest. It’s never to early to go shopping for that beer lover in your life…..

Oh yeah–Beer Advent Calendars? We can do that. We have more singles than a binary code (that is a good one…..).

Holiday parties? Yep, we can do those to.

Slip Slidin’ Away.
Tim and Brigid