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We are passionate about beer – so our vision is to have a unique store carrying beer, beer accessories, vintage beer and bar items and a large variety of books about beer to expand what we know about the product we love so much.

We also carry delicious artisan foods for you to pair with your beer.

We are looking to become part of the beer community in Ferndale and beyond. For now, take us for what we are at this moment - a hub for beer lovers, aficionados, and newbie’s to come and share their beer stories, talk about what beers they are currently drinking and help us find new beers to share.

Cheers, Tim and Brigid

New Holland’s Incorrigible Reserve in stock. Arcadia Brewing Tasting Tonite, 6-8pm

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Look, if you had one shot, or only one opportunity…

New Beer in da do-woop:
New Holland’s Incorrigible Reserve (barrel-aged and w/blueberries & blackberries)

…to seize everything you ever wanted. One moment…

Arcadia Brewing Tastin’ when the sun goes horizontal (6-8pm….) and off da chain (free).

…would you capture it or just let it slip?

Tim and Brigid

The Official Unofficial Beer Store of Eminem

Lucky Girl, Short’s, Evil Twin, Rogue and Oddside’s in stock–

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Okey Dokie Smokie—

New beers in the store as of right now…..
Lucky Girl Haunted Pumpkin Ale
Short’s Vintage Premium Lager

Back in Stockholm:
Evil Twin’s I Love You With All My Stout AND Molotov Cocktail
Rogue’s Mocha Porter
Oddside’s El Drankerino AND Red Eye IPA

Should be more to come–waitin’ on a couple of trucks.

Arcadia Tasting this Friday. 6-8pm.

More corn. Less flake.
Tim and Brigid





Bell’s Oracle, Mar’s DIPA; Birrifico Del Ducato, Brewery Vivant, Jolly Pumpkin and more….

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Well you know just what you do to me….

New Beers in stock:
Bell’s Mars DIPA (limit 2 bottles per person plz….)
Birrifico Del Ducato’s Krampus
Brewery Vivant’s Undertaker
Jolly Pumpkin’s Bam Biere Farmhouse 375′s

The way you move, soft and slippery….

Back in stocks:
Bell’s Oracle (limit 2 bottles plz…..)
Kasteel Winter
Silly Scotch BBA

Cut the night just like a razor…..

Arcadia Tasting this Friday Night from 6 to 8pm. Cost is no cost at all, which makes it a pretty affordable evening. Stop on by.

Rarely talk and that’s the danger.

It’s the one thing. You are my thing. (yep, watched an INXS bio last night…..)
Tim and Brigid

Leelanau Brewing Company Tasting Tonight 6-8pm…

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Leelanau Brewing Company Tasting To-nite. 6-8pm and free-enough.

Yes Virginia, we will be pouring a beer that is not just quite available just yet availability-wise. That’s how we do it in at the 8DeePee in the F’Dale.

Peace Out.
Tim and Brigid


Griffin Claw, Alaskan, Left Hand, Oddside’s, HoneyMaker Mead, Short’s and more….

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This store has not been this full since the last time I said “this store has not been this full since the last time I said it has been this full”. That’s like 2 times ago…

Get ready. Get set. Here’s the list:

New Beers in the store:
Griffin Claw’s Screaming Pumpkin 4pk cans
Alaskan’s Pumpkin Porter
Left Hand’s Chainsaw (Double ESB)
Oddside’s El Drankerino (west coast DIPA–limit 2 bottles plz) AND Red Eye P.A. (hoppy red ale–limit 2 bottles plz)
Honeymaker Mead–Blueberry, Lavender and Dry

Back in stock:
Short’s Strawberry Short’s Cake (limit 1 6pk plz)
Brau Bros. Moo Joos
Brash’s The Bollocks Imperial IPA (bottled 7/17)
Stiegl Grapefruit 4pk cans (!!!!)
O’Fallons Pumpkin
Breckenridge’s Vanilla Porter
Unity Vibration’s KPA (stuff is barrel-aged….)

Arbor Brewing Company will be doing the tasting this Friday, 6-8pm and yes, they are bringing some something from the brewery…..

Hey, I have an uncle in the furniture business.
Tim and Brigid

Founder’s Backstage Series Dissenter IPL in stock

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Alone. Listless. Breakfast table in an otherwise empty room.

New Beer in stock:
Founder’s Backstage Series Dissenter Imperial IPL

Back in stock:
New Holland’s Ichabod Pumpkin
Unibroue’s Ephemere Apple 4pks
ABC’s Violin Monster

Thursday, we should see new Short’s, Griffin Claw and a few others….

Young girl. Violins. Center of her own attention.

Arbor Brewing Company will be slingin’ the suds this Friday for the tasting. It will be as always, from 6-8pm and of course, it will be free (no Virginia won’t have to ask that this week…..)

Don’t call me daughter.
Tim and Brigid

Cool B Nektar Meads incoming…

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Hey Yo–

Just got in some Zombie’s Take Manhattan AND Kill All The Golfers Peach from our friends at B Nektar.

Just sayin’
Tim and Brigid

Birra Del Borgo, Stone/Beachwood/Heretic, Arcadia and more in stock….

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I was lying on the bench slide in the park across the street.

New Beers in the store two-dae:
Stone’s Unapologetic IPA (Beachwood/Stone/Heretic collaboration w/Azacca, Belma and 2 other yet to be named Washington hop varieties. MMGood….)

Birra Del Borgo’s Duchessic Ale (Duchessa and 1 yr lambic blend..)

Arcadia’s Rapunzel Wheat IPA

L A T E R that week….

Back in stocks:
Arcadia Hopmouth (fresh….)
Harpoon Pumpkin Ale (I know, I know)
Weihenstephaner Oktoberfestbier (I know, see above….)

My sticky paws were into making straws out of big fat Slurpee treats.

Flying Monkey out of Canada will be with us Friday for the tasting. Stop by and say ‘eh’, K?

If you steal my sunshine.
Tim and Brigid


Eric Bordelet Cider Tasting To-nite…6-8 and Free…

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Smelly Cat, smelly cat. What are they feeding you?

We are so havin’ a cider tasting to night. 6-8pm and oh so free…
Line-up includes:
Eric Bordelet Poire Authentique, Poire Granit, Sidre Tendre, Sydre Argelette


Yep, French Ciders.

They won’t take you to the vet. You’re obviously not their favorite pet.

Wear your 8 Degrees Plato gad to Summer Beer Fest and earn $5 gift cads for each photo (up to $20). Getting paid to have your pix taken, what an idea! You can Instrgram us….

You may not be a bed of roses. You’re not a friend to those with noses.

Flying Monkey tasting next week.

It’s not your fault.
Tim and Brigid

New Tandem’s, DFH, Victory, Laguintas’ and sooooo much more….

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TOOOO much info for silliness today–READ the WHOLE LIST PLZ:

New Beers/Ciders in the store today:

Tandem Cider’s Green Man (green apple), Bee’s Dream (hard cider w/honey) and Perry (dry pear cider)
Dogfish Rosabi (limit 1 plz)
Victory Wild Ale (IPA w/bretts..)
Lagunitas’ Day Time Fractional IPA
Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefe 16oz cans

Back in stock-an-iss-ity:
DFH Theobroma, Birra Etrusca, Noble Rot
Short’s MMMKay IPL
Southern Tier’s Pumpking
Southern Tier’s Warlock (limit 1 plz)
North Coast’s Old Rasputin
Lagunitas’ Imperial Red
Ommegang’s Hop House
Great Lakes’ Octoberfest
Franziskaner Dunkel

Looks like it’s going to be a Cider Tasting Friday w/a French bent to it. Stop by. 6-8pm. Free.

Get your t-shirts for Summer Beer Fest–earn $5 gift cards.

Full Beer Store.
Tim and Brigid