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We are passionate about beer – so our vision is to have a unique store carrying beer, beer accessories, vintage beer and bar items and a large variety of books about beer to expand what we know about the product we love so much.

We also carry delicious artisan foods for you to pair with your beer.

We are looking to become part of the beer community in Ferndale and beyond. For now, take us for what we are at this moment - a hub for beer lovers, aficionados, and newbie’s to come and share their beer stories, talk about what beers they are currently drinking and help us find new beers to share.

Cheers, Tim and Brigid

Bell’s Saturn in stock. More Back in Stocks—

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Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch….

New Beers in stocks:
Bell’s Saturn Malt Beverage Aged in Oak Bourbon Barrel Casks – Limit 2 plz . This is an allocated beer and we would really appreciate if you would consider purchasing a 4pk, 6pk or bomber to help us keep the allocation at it current level or grow it. Sorry if it’s a bummer.

Who watches over you.

Back in stocks:
Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter
Arcadia’ Hopmouth DIPA
Dark Horse’s Smells Like A Safety Meeting IPA
Founder’s Old Curmudgeon

Make a little birdhouse in your soul.

Friday Tastin’ Featuring Beers From Around The World. 6-8pm and free. Next week–Bee Well Meadery!

Not to put too fine a point on it.

BETTER THAN A KICK STARTER COMEDY SHOW April 23rd (less than 10 days away). GREENBUSH BREWING’S AXIOM, Hippo Hot Dogs, Beer Tix (3), Silent Beer Auction (some fun stuff showing up from brewers w/beards and/of mustaches). $60 Buckeroos ( and you get to take a 4pk home with you….)

Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet.

Make a little birdhouse in your soul.
Tim and Brigid. They Might Be Giants.

Bell’s Saturn Release Information…..Beers From Around The World Tastin’ Friday

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When the sun beats down and I lie on my bench……

Bell’s Saturn should be here tomorrow. It will be limited. Because of the allocation, we are asking that you please consider purchasing a 4pk, 6pk or bomber along with the Saturn so that we can keep the allocations for the store. Sorry if it’s a bummer.
We’ll post when we are ready to release Saturn on Wednesday.

Beers From Around The World Tastin’ this Friday. 6-8pm and free. Next week, Bee Well Meadery will be with us.

I can always hear them talk.
Includes 4pk of GREEENBUSH BREWING’S AXIOM, Hippo Hot Dogs, comedy show and silent Beer auction (beers/ciders are coming in from all over Michigan Breweries and from guys with mustaches and beards……)


I know what I like and I like what I know.
Tim and Brigid

Mystery Beer Tastin’ To-night. 6-8pm and Fur-ree

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Workin part time in a five and dime, my boss was Mr. McGee.

Mystery Beer Tastin Tonight!
6-8pm (no mystery there, been doing it on Friday nights for like almost 4 years now….)
Free (ah, duh).
Only the beers remain a mystery…..

Told me several times that he didn’t like my kind, ’cause I was bit to leisurely.

Next week, Beers From Around The World. And then, April 24th, Bee Well Meadery makes their first stop here (yay!).

Seems that I was busy doing something close to nothing, but different from the day before.

Less than 2 weeks (13 days) until the release of Greenbush Brewing Co. AXIOM at the BETTER THAN A KICK STARTER COMEDY SHOW. April 23rd. Doors open at 6:30. Show starts at 7:53pm. Drink tickets, Hippo hot dogs, 4pk of Axiom and show $60. Oh yeah, silent beer auction as well…..

That’s when I saw her. Ooh, I saw her. She walked in through the ‘out’ door.

She wore a raspberry beret.
Tim and Brigid

SOOOOOOOOoooooMany New Beers and Back In Stocks….

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You walked in, I woke up.

New Beers in the storarge:
Ommegang’s Game of Thrones Three Eyed Raven
Griffin Claw’s Red Rock Flanders Red
Tommy Knockers’ Green Chile
Sierra Nevada’s 2015 Big Foot Barleywine (I know–we have plenty of 2014 vintage as well!)
Samuel Smith’s Organic Cherry Ale
Goose Island Spring Variety 12pk
Great Lakes Spring Variety 12pk

Stillwater’s When The Light’s Gose Out

Evil Twin’s Mission Gose

I never seen a pretty girl look so tough.

Back in Stocks:
Lagunitas’ Undercover Shutdown
North Peak’s Fury Black IPA
O’Fallon’s Wheach
Abita’s Strawberry
Oddside’s Grapefruit White AND Hell’s Yes AND Mayan Mocha Stout
Anderson Valley’s Holy Gose
Schofferhof Grapefruit Hefe
Frankenmuth Helles

Terisa–you Little King’s are in….


Funky Beer Tastin’ this Friday. 6-8pm and so very very free.

April 23rd. Better Than a Kick Starter Comedy Show. Rust Belt. GREENBUSH’S Axiom. Need tickets, as the space is limited, but the comedians are not.

U go the look.
Tim and Brigid

New Delirium in Stock, New Holland, Jolly Pumpkin and More Back in Stock

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Another good day in a good beer week…..

New Beers in the Store:
Delirium’s Deliria Blond (Limited Edition Brewed by Women)

New Holland’s Black Tulip AND Incorrigible Sour
Jolly Pumpkin’s Biere De Mars
Weihenstephaner Vitus
Brewery Viviant’s Contemplation
J.W. Lee’s 25th Anniversary

More Beer coming in on Thursday…….

Yes Virginia, we are having a tasting on Friday even though we had one Tuesday. Show up between 6-8pm on Friday and it will be free.

GREENBUSH BREWING’S Axiom Belgian Triple release April 23rd. Only at the ‘Better Than A Kick Starter Comedy Show’. Tickets are going quickly and we will sell out so don’t get left without…..

Mad about you. Mad about me.
Tim and Brigid

Clown Shoes On A Rare Tuesday Night Tastin’….6-8pm

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Happy National Beer Day!

Really, the day after Opening Day they come up with another reason to drink beer…….

Fun stuff coming on Wednesday. Stay tuned!

Clown Shoes Tastin’ Tuesday Night Edition Tonight 6-8pm.
Meet ‘Space Cake Mike’ (the dude on the label fer cryin’ out loud). It’s Free. It’s National Beer Day.

Still some tix left for April 23rd, but they are moving fast. Greenbush Axiom, Hippo Hot Dogs, Comedy Show, $60.

Everybody wants to rule the world.
Tim and Brigid

Short’s Freedom of ’78, Jolly Pumpkin Tastin’ Tonight 6-8pm and Free….

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Don’t be afraid of your Freedom……

Back in stock:
Short’s Freedom of 1978….

Jolly Pumpkin Brewery Tastin’ Tonight 6-8pm and free.

Special Tuesday Tastin’ w/Clown Shoes—-I think it’s the guy on the Spacecake label (if i’m mistaken’, it wouldn’t be the first time….)

Better Than A Kick Starter Comedy Show wGreenbush Brewing Co. ‘s Axiom Release Party The Rust Belt Market April 23rd. Price $60 smackers and included Axiom 4pk, 3 beer tickets (we will have Axiom on tap as well as of few other things…), Hippo Hot Dogs and Silent Beer Auction.

Closed for Easter Sunday. Open for Opening Day Monday…..

Well alrighty then.
Tim and Brigid

Tapistry, Left Hand, Kona, Blake’s, Greenbush, Dogfish Head and more…

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Only thing better than a full Beer Store is an empty Beer Store…..

New Beers:
Tapistry Reactor IPA, Mr. Orange Belgian Wit AND Bring Da Rocks DIPA (soooo glad to have these guys here—!!!)
Left Hand’s Great Juju Imperial Ginger Pale
Kona Brewing’s Long Board Lager
Blake’s El Chavo 6pks cans!!?!!

Back In S-tocks:
Greenbush’s Doom Slayer
Dogfish Head’s Black & Blue
Hofbrau Maibock
Ace’s Berry Cider
Southern Tier’s Crème Brulee
KCCO Black Lager

Jolly Pumpkin Brewery tasting this Friday night 6-8pm. Phreeeeeee.

Make sure you get your tix for April 23rd’s Better Than A Kick Starter Comedy Show at the store or Eventbrite (say $4 in fees at the store…)

Closed Easter Sunday. Get your Easter beers on Friday or Saturday. You gotta do family stuff, you may as well have a good beer while you do it……..

Bad Mama Jama.
Tim and Brigid

Back in Stocks–Dark Horse, Founder’s, Brewery Vivant, Stone, Great Lakes and Sierra Nevada…

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Climbing up on Solsbury Hill, I could see the city light.

Back in stockz:
Dark Horse’s Smells Like A Safety Meeting
Founder’s Rubaeus
Brewery Vivant’s Variety 9pk
Stone’s Russian Imperial Stout AND Odd Year RIS w/Chai
Great Lakes’ Rye Of The Tiger IPA
Sierra Nevada’s Ovila Quad

Wind was blowing, time stood still. Eagle flew out of the night.

Jolly Pumpkin Tastin’ this Friday, 6-8pm and free. Next week, Arbor Brewing Company.

He was something to observe. Came in close, I heard a voice.

April 23rd. Better Than A Kick Starter Comedy Show with Greenbush Brewing Co. (or as they are being re-branded as GreenBush’s). Tickets are moving very fast, if you want to be there, buy from the store or go online to Eventbright (store purchase saves you $7 in fees….)

Had to listen, had no choice.

Some way cool beers coming in on Thursday. Yes, we will be closed Sunday for Easter and open Monday as usual.

My heart going BOOM BOOM BOOM.
Tim and Brigid

Evil Twin/Girl Scout Cookie Pairing/Tastin’ Tonight 6-8pm and Free…..

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Cookies and Beer. Pretty cool , right?

How bout Evil Twin Beer and Cookies? Even better, right?

How bout Evil Twin Beer and Girl Scout Cookies? O. M. G.

6-8pm and so very, very free. Stop by, get your beer before Sparty tips off. You will be able to purchase Girl Scout Cookies from the troop, but you will need cash to do that (no credit/debit cards plz).

Next week, Jolly Pumpkin Brewery.

28 days until the release of GREENBUSH BREWERY’S AXIOM All Grain Belgian-Style Tripel (9.8%). April 23rd. Oh yeah, Better Than A Kick Starter Comedy Show same night.

Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun.
But Mama, that’s were the fun is.
Tim and Brigid