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We are passionate about beer – so our vision is to have a unique store carrying beer, beer accessories, vintage beer and bar items and a large variety of books about beer to expand what we know about the product we love so much.

We also carry delicious artisan foods for you to pair with your beer.

We are looking to become part of the beer community in Ferndale and beyond. For now, take us for what we are at this moment - a hub for beer lovers, aficionados, and newbie’s to come and share their beer stories, talk about what beers they are currently drinking and help us find new beers to share.

Cheers, Tim and Brigid

Anderson Valley, Saugatuck, Alaskan Brewing, Lagunitas, Green Flash and more…

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Stand in the place that you live.

Newbie Beers:
Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose
Saugatuck’s Starburst Hoppy Wheat
Alaskan Brewing Company Amber 12pks

Now face north.

Back in Stocks:
Lagunitas’ Night Time
Weyerbacher’s Last Chance IPA
Short’s Chatterbox Pale Ale
DFH Namaste
Green Flash’s Palate Wrecker
Schramm’s Meadery’s The Statement

Think about direction.

Stillwater Tastin’ Friday Night 6-8pm. Charles usually represents pretty well, you might want to check this one out. Just sayin…..Next week, Jolly Pumpkin will be here a pourin’.

Wonder why you haven’t before.
Tim and Brigid

New Omnipollo, Against The Grain, Tandem Ciders, Brewery Vivant and more….

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New Beers/Ciders in the store todai:
Omnipollo Magic #42 Passion Fruit & Lime Witbier AND
Omnipollo Magic #411 Smoothie IPA
Against The Grain’s Kamen Knuddeln Kentucky Common Dark Sour
Tandem Cider’s Pretty Please Dry Cherry Cider (Balaton Cherries!!?!)
AND Sweet William Sweet Pear Cider (the tasting room and here….)
Brewery Vivant’s Pothole Stout

Back in stockes:
Dark Horse’s Double Crooked Tree
Brewery Vivant’s Big Red Coq
New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk Reserve (Raspberries)
ATG Rico Sauvin AND 35K Milk Stout
Evil Twin’s Imperial Biscotti Break(!!)
Isastegi Cider

Stillwater Tastin’ Friday Night, 6-8pm and free.

I wish you hadn’t told me that…..
Max and Agent 99

New Griffin Claw, Une Annee, Arktos Meadery and Oddside’s. Pete’s Chocolate Truffle/Beer Pairin’ Friday Night

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Take to the river.

New Beers in the store:
Griffin Claw’s Mr. Blue Sky
Une Annee’s Esquisse Sour (rare…..)
Arktos Meadery’s Queen Bee

Drop me in the water.

Back in stocks:
Oddside’s Instigator IPA AND Simcoe Sensation Session

Price Reduction on Short’s Good Humans……

Take me to the river.

Pete’s Chocolate Truffle/Beer Pairin’ This Friday. Six pm to Eight pm. Oh so no cost to you and yours and dees and does.

Dip me in the water.

We do have plenty of Pete’s Chocolates (5pc and 13pc boxes) and Hot Chocolate Mix for Valentine’s.

Washing me down.
Tim and Brigid

New Dark Horse. Beer/Truffle Pairin’ This Friday With Pete’s Chocolates

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Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs.

New Beer in d store to day:
Dark Horse’s Rain In Blood Orange Pale Ale (brewed w/Blood Orange Juice)

And what’s wrong with that?

Back in stock:
Dark Horse’s Plead the Fifth Imperial Stout

I’d like to know. ‘Cause here I go again.

This week, Beer/Truffle Pairin’ w/Pete’s Chocolates. Friday Night, 6-8pm and no cost. Yes Virginia, it’s the night before Valentine’s Day.

I. Love. You.
Tim and Brigid

New Oddside’s, Weyerbacher, Atwater, Scaldis, Rogue and Sam Adams; Short’s Back In Stocks…

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Oh baby, it’s cold outside.

New Beers in deeee store:
Weyerbacher’s Insanity, Tiny, Double Simcoe IPA, Blithering Idiot, Merry Monks and Last Chance
Oddside’s Jesse’s Party IPA
Atwater’s Poorboy Smoked Porter
Scaldis’ Prestige Nuits
Rogue’s Irish Lager
Sam Adam’s Rebel Rouser Double IPA

But it’s cool in here.

Back in stocks:
Short’s Goodnight Bodacious Double India Style Black Ale
Ayinger Celebrator
North Coast Old Rasputin (finally….!)
Flying Monkey’s Manifesto Chocolate Stout
Clown Shoes Blaecorn Unidragon

Trappist Tastin’ w/Joey Belgians and Young Adam Friday Night, 6-8 pm and proceeds going to ALS Foundation. Yes Virginia, it is free (sheeesh, don’t you read the posts?).

Next week, Beer/Truffle Pairin’ w/Pete’s Chocolates, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Time to find some time.
Tim and Brigid

New Stone, Dark Horse’s Plead the Fifth, New Holland’s Dragon Milk Back In Stock

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See–the snow wasn’t all that bad. Get ready for HUMPH DAY (which is a little different from HUMP DAY…..).

New Beer in de store to day oh:
Stone’s Delicious IPA (w/Lemondrop and El Dorado Hops). Not quite Gluten-free, but real darn close

Beers back in stock oh:
Dark Horse’s Plead the Fifth Russian Imperial Stout (limit 2 4pk plz, there will be more next week…)
New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk 4pks
New Holland’s Cabin Fever
Arcadia’s Sky High Rye 6pk cans

Trappist’s Tastin’ this Friday night. 6-8pm and so very free. Next week, Truffle/Beer Pairin’ w/Pete’s Chocolates, and, it’s the day before Valentine’s Day. Soooo, if you plan …..just sayin.

Avoid the Noid.
Tim and Brigid

Smuttynose, Griffin Claw, Greenbush, Goose Island, Avery and more…

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Wave your hands in the air like you don’t care…..

New Beers in da store to dah:
Smuttynose Finestkind IPA, Robust Porter and Old Brown Dog Ale
Goose Island’s Ten Hills Pale Ale
Greenbush’s Dystopia Russian Imperial Stout
Griffin Claw’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout (limit 1 and we would love it if you purchase something else in the store, as it is an allocated item–Thanks!)

Glide by people as they as they start to look and stare…

Back in dah stocks:
Avery’s Czar Russian Imperial Stout
New Belgian’s La Follie 2015 (kind new ’cause it’s this years edition…)
Frankenmuth’s Brewmaster’s Select Imperial Stout
DFH’s Midas Touch
Augustiner’s Maximator

Do your dance, do your dance.

Une Annee Tastin’ Vendredi, 6-8pm and gratuit. Next week, our annual Trappist tastin w/Joey Belgians and Adam.

C’mon Baby, tell me what’s the word.

We have a 1/4 Greenbush’s Anger and 1/6 Alaskan’s Icy Bay IPA looking for a Super Bowl home.

Still have room on the Super Bowl Squares but it’s moving fast…..

Word Up.
Tim and Brigid

New Holland, Bosteel’s, JW Lee’s, Lakefront and Bell’s Hopslam Information

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Newish Beer in stock:
New Holland’s Night Tripper Imperial Stout 12oz 4pks (that’s the new part)….

This is where we used to live.

Back in stocks:
Bosteel’s Tripel Karmelet (yeah!)
J.W. Lee’s Harvest Ale Sherry Casks
New Holland’s Blue Sunday Sour
Lakefront Brewery’s Big Easy Imperial Maibock

Forty two stairs from the street. Crooked landing, crooked landlord.

Plenty of room left in the Super Bowl Squares. It don’t cost nothin’ and we are giving away some pretty cool beers. Stop in and sign up….

How is the neighbor downstairs?

Une Annee tasting this Friday night from 6-8pm and free. Expose yourself to some beer that you have not tried before (just please don’t expose yourself here…..).

I turn up your TV and stomped on the floor just for fun.

Hopslam update–
Yes we have some more and we will be releasing it today, Wednesday at 6pm. Limit 1 6pk per person plz (separate tranasctions). We would absolutely love it if you also purchased something else in the store. Hopslam is an allocated item and the number we get is based on what you buy throughout the year. It’s the world we live in.

This is where we used to live.
Tim and Brigid

Une Annee Tasting Friday Night; Super Bowl Squares and Hopslam Updates

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This may be the only post you read today that doesn’t mention ‘Deflate-gate’ or the Big Winter Storm That Wasn’t In NYC….oops.

Oh well, we do have some things to say today.

Back by popular demand, we will be playing the Super Bowl Squares again this year. It works like the regular ‘squares’, except it costs nothing to play and we give away some good beer to each winner. Only thing is, you have to come into the store to sign up. Now you have a another reason to come ‘on in.

This week’s tasting will feature beers from Une Annee’ from Chicago. We’ve been carrying them for about a month now and we think you need to try these Belgian-style brews.

Yes Virginia, we are expecting more Bell’s Hopslam Wednesday. We are looking to release the beer at 6pm so everybody gets a chance to pick up a six-pack. More information comes tomorrow after the truck shows up.

I am the First Footman.
Tim and Brigid


Happy Thursday—-Way To Many Beers to Headline. Epic Tasting Fri 6-8pm

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Ok–here it is:

Short’s Carob Stout
DFH Raison D’Extra (Limit 1/per plz)
Avery’s Dugana IPA
So. Tier’s Goat Boy Weizenbock
Alaskan Big Mountain Pale Ale
Cheboygan’s Blood Orange Honey
Omnipollo’s Fatamorgana, Leon AND Zodiak
Evil Twin’s From Amager With Love (Imp Stout w/Blueberries), Femme Fatale Brett
Hof Ten Dormaal Saison
Stillwater’s Nightvision
Superior Lakes’ Witch Hunter Mead

So. Tier’s Crème Brulee
Clown Shoes’s Undead Party Crashers
North Peak’s Burly Belgo IPA
Griffin Claw’s El Rojo
Avery’s Collaboration Not Litigation
Greenbush’s Dunegras AND Distorter
Oddside’s Ain’t No Sunshine Saison

Epic Tasting w/Epic Brewing Tomorrow. Gonna be epic. I can tell…..!

Time for a sandwich.
Tim and Brigid